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Wheel Alignment:
Time for a new wheel alignment? Lets take a look at some of the typical alignment “symptoms” of a vehicle with incorrect alignment?
You should get your vehicle looked at if you notice:
• Feeling of looseness or wandering.
• Excessive or uneven tire wear.
• Steering wheel is not centered when the vehicle is moving straight ahead.
• The vehicle pulls to the left or right.
• Steering wheel vibration or shimmy.

How often should I have my vehicle aligned?
As a general rule, have your wheel alignment checked every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.

Why is it important to have perfect Alignment?
• Reduced Tire Wear
• Better Gas Mileage
• Improved Handling & Safety

The suspension in your automobile is a complex series of cooperating parts that are created to provide an even, stable, and smooth ride in your vehicle. The suspension system in your car or truck takes a lot of road abuse you experience in Orange County, CA. and as such many of the suspension system’s components will wear out if not even break as a result. We specialize in Suspension in Santa Ana on many types of cars.

Our services for suspension and steering include the following:
4×4 Suspension
Air Suspension
Coil Springs
CV Joints
Front End Suspension
Rear Suspensions
Rack and Pinion
Off Road Suspension
Power Steering
Springs / Tuning
and more…

Why not give us a call and let’s schedule an appointment and let us show you how rewarding experience can be!

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Customer Reviews

My Mom's car was pulling to the right. Dangerous! JC Auto fixed the alignment right up. Thanks Juan! ~ Bob C.


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